Automatic and combined fire extinguishing systems SP-A and SKP-M

Powder fire extinguishing systems are designed to eliminate fire when operating in severe temperature conditions down to -50 ° C. System architecture and layout, number and volume of fire extinguishing modules, warning and control system are determined based on protected object characteristics, technical specifications and the wishes of the customer.
The basis of the system is a powder fire extinguishing line, which, through the distribution circuit, ejects ABC class fire extinguishing powder into the ignition zone, providing protection for the engine compartment, the location of the batteries, the hydraulic unit, the rear axle of the mining dump truck, etc.
Fire extinguishing systems are designed for outdoor operation in all macroclimatic regions on land - type of climatic modification O1 in accordance with GOST 15150-69, are repairable products. The total average service life of the combined fire extinguishing system is 10 years.
*Fire extinguishing systems are not designed to extinguish the ignition of substances and materials prone to spontaneous combustion, combustion and smoldering without air access.

To extinguish fire in electrical cabinets under high voltage (class E), high-voltage cables, etc., the fire extinguishing system can be equipped with a gas fire extinguishing module, complementing the powder fire extinguishing system under the control of a single automatic switching device (for automatic combined fire extinguishing systems), or used as an independent gas fire extinguishing system.

To extinguish fire outside the protection zone of powder lines, as well as to cool and prevent from repeated fire after extinguishing with powder, a solution line is used. Its start-up and supply of a fire-extinguishing solution to the fire site is performed directly by the operator manually.
In some cases, based on the technical assignment or the customer's wishes, the mortar line can be integrated into the structure of the powder fire extinguishing line for automatic supply of fire extinguishing solution (as part of the combined fire extinguishing system), for automatic supply of the solution to the fire, after the powder has stopped extinguishing the fire.

According to the mechanism of actuation, fire extinguishing systems can be subdivided into fire extinguishing systems with automatic, remote or manual activation.

We present different types of fire extinguishing systems for various types of machinery and equipment.

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